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How To Boost Sales Of A Boutique Through Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Digital Marketing for Boutique or fashion business

Small business owners are confronted with many challenges. From merchandising to staffing to managing finances, you’ve got tons of things to affect, and spending the time racking your brain to comes up with an efficient marketing strategy shouldn’t be one of them.

There are various fashion brands out there, but how does one make yourself stand out from the crowd in the local business?

That is the real challenge.
A good solution for this is often deploying an effective digital marketing strategy for the boutique.

Digital marketing, if utilized appropriately, will increase your sales, improve brand presence, and make your brand more profitable. It makes your product available to your audience. When done right, it increases brand awareness and boosts sales.

We know that every minute of effort you put into your small business matters, that is why digital marketing is the next step for your business due to its global reach and effectiveness.

There are several digital marketing strategies that you simply can apply to your boutique to maximize profitability. Any fashion brand in the slightest degree, whether old or new, you’ll deploy a winning digital marketing strategy.

Here are some ways you’ll build a profitable fashion brand with Digital Marketing of small business for the fashion industry:

Engagement First

Your first goal when posting to your page should be catching the attention of your followers & getting them to interact together with your posts.

If you fail at this you’ll likely fail at running your page.

Sure you would like to plug your products and yes, you would like people to click through to your website.

Start by posting interesting content, including:
• Photos
• Facts
• Questions
• Links to interesting & Inspiring articles

Remember, with the way Facebook’s page and Instagram algorithm works, your followers only see posts from pages they engage with.

Build trust together with your followers & get them talking on your posts. Then, once you have built this relationship, mix in link posts to your products or website.

Show Off Your Products in Posts and Stories

I’m focusing here on local, small businesses, people who have tangible products.
The power of suggestion is extremely strong on Facebook and Instagram especially with images that ignite the senses & passions of individuals.

Instagram and Facebook changed its algorithm a short time back so that your feed is not any longer chronological, making it harder for businesses to urge eyes on their organic posts. That’s why numerous businesses share their posts to their story with text saying “new post!” This increases the likelihood that your post is going to be seen and engaged with.

The best boutiques and shops on Instagram and Facebook showcase their new arrivals, top-selling products, deals, and more on their Instagram stories. They’ll have customers and staff try clothes, mention sizing, and share information about the brand during a laid back video format, increasing interest in certain materials.

Additionally, sites like Canva can assist you to make super simple graphics that suit your Instagram story with ease.

Get More Likes

To get engagement on your posts, you’ve got to possess followers!

Many small business owners get their first burst of Likes by inviting friends & family to love the page or either by:

• Posting about it on their profile
• Inviting friends via their page

This is great, as long as your family & friends are potential customers who will engage together with your posts. There is no need to have people Like the page who will never engage and actually, having too many non-engaged followers will hurt your page in the long run.

As a small, local business, the best way to get Likes is to use the Promoted Page Likes feature on your page for small businesses. I’ve successfully used this feature on local pages & seen great results both an increase in Likes & sales related to those Likes.

Since we were talking about small-local businesses, I suggest targeting an audience within 20 to 30 miles of your store. There’s no need to target everyone in your state as all of them are not your typical customers.

Boost Your Posts

I’m a huge fan of the Boost Post feature on local Facebook and Instagram pages because It is very simple and gets the results and also easy to measure the results.

But as a little business owner, you do not get to waste time on those things. You’re probably only getting to spend $20 to 50 per month on ads. And boosting a post is straightforward.

You can prefer to target
• Existing followers & their friends
• Specific demographics


Boost facebook and instagram post

I typically will choose my local town as the target and then choose the age & gender. You will then choose a budget for the advertisement, which depends on what you’re willing to spend. And then click “Boost Post” and you are done.

This will create a “Sponsored Story” within the news feed of the people you targeted which looks natural & non-intrusive to most of the people.

Retarget Visitors

Whenever you visit an internet site or see a billboard, you don’t immediately purchase the merchandise directly. But the ad somehow stays with you, especially if you liked the merchandise or found the campaign interesting.

You can target such visitors by showing reminder ads on Facebook and Instagram that make them recall the product that they saw earlier.

If for instance, the visitors don’t revisit your website for a specified period, you can make the deal lucrative by offering discounts. Also, some people add things to their shopping cart but later ditch it so, those people should also be retargeted as it would increase turnover.

So your social media strategy for your fashion brand is extremely critical as well as boosts your sales on high.

Holiday Promotions

During the festive season, you can roll out emails to your subscribers informing them of discounts on a variety of products. For example, you can have 10 days of discounts where you may give a discount on one category per day.

So on day 1, there could be a discount on jackets, day 2 on shoes and so on.

This way you’ll not only be promoting your products to the subscribers but successively promoting them to share those unforgettable discounts with their social contacts.

You can even create a discount on pairings such as shorts and shirts or glasses and jackets. Or you could have giveaway schemes where there’s a present item like a hat for orders above $50.

This would encourage customers to spend more. Moreover, all such discounts and promotions should be shared on the website and all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Send Reminder Emails

It often happens that customers check an internet site to shop for something, but at the last stage they back out. This leads to customer’s shortlisting items and leaving it in their carts. The reasons for this can be anything, but you need to take action to get them back.

Send reminder emails to those customers and tell them about the products that are still in their cart. You can even use this chance to introduce new products or any offer that the boutique is introducing.

Reminder emails are a proven way to convert leads into customers.

Announce Giveaways

What does your business get out of contests? Well, you earn more followers, increase engagement, and reward your most loyal consumers. With many times the engagement of both Facebook, Instagram has become a unique and ideal place to run the contests.

Giveaways are the newest fad of social media, especially Instagram. Conducting a giveaway is very beneficial because it lets customers know what your business has got to offer the purchasers.

Let’s say you are launching a new jacket collection in your boutique. You can announce a giveaway contest, where after the end of the contest, the winner gets a jacket from the new collection.

Giveaways are a well-proven way to up the excitement in customers. They not only show interest in the contest, but they also check out your existing collection and that boosts your sales. 70% of Instagram users have already taken part in a contest, or report that they would.

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If you run a local business, I hope I’ve convinced you to start using Facebook and Instagram to increase sales.

By leveraging these simple techniques, you’re well on your way to making your local business a powerhouse in your area.

Instagram and facebook’s visual appeal makes it a go-to channel for sellers to reach potential customers. And they are the ideal platform to tell your brand’s story compellingly.

To turn an Instagram follower into a loyal customer, it’s important to create content that speaks to potential customers in your unique brand voice. And your products will better appeal to consumers if they will visualize using those products in their own lives.

If you know your audience, you can cater to their wants and needs and make an emotional connection that’s critical to making the sale.

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